Why Vnet


Fast & Reliable

Our broadband packages are designed for SME’s. We offer a range of competitive tariffs, the lowest in Myanmar, super-fast download speeds, and a reliable connection that won’t let you down.


Recognised Quality Leaders

We believe telecoms should be affordable, flexible, reliable and responsive. That’s why we offer competitive tariffs, packages that suit company needs, robust technology and unbeatable service.


Say Hello to great savings

We offer the lowest tarrifs for
small and medium businesses
in the entire Myanmar.

Start saving Today.


Get Better Connected

We are so sure about our Pricing and Quality, we will offer Double speed for your current price or half price for the same speed you have now.


Dedicated Account Manager

We never forget it's our job to help your business reach its potential. A dedicated account handler will answer your questions.


Helping SMEs make it BIG

We understand that connectivity plays a big role in business life. Affordability, speed and reliability are everything. Try us to prove it.

We will always be the cheapest choice for you for the same quality of internet connection in Myanmar. If you find any cheaper solution, we will always match the price or even give you a cheaper solution.

In case you will be out of internet due to any technical issue from our side, we will always deduct the appropriate part and you will get the money back. We do not however take any resposibility for natural disasters, wars and other conflicts, or loss of international connectivity.

Business Internet (DIA)


from 49
  • No usage limit, no data limits
  • Great for 2-10 computers or other wifi devices
  • Reliable and consistent
    office internet
  • 24/7 customer support, service in 3 hours max.


from 79
  • No usage limit, no data limits
  • Great for 4-20 PCs or phones and WiFi devices
  • Reliable and fast most
    popular business internet
  • 24/7 customer support, service in 3 hours max.
Our quotation is exclusive of 5% commercial tax