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Vnet. Terms and Condition

1.Initial Set Up Fees 100,000 MMK or 85,000 MMK will have to be paid if you would like to have no contract and the advantage is that client will own ONU by paying Installation Fees by Downpayment or Installment.

2. Client Who Pay 40,000 MMK will have to stay with Vnet for 1 Year and the device will have to be returned to Vnet. Internet Service Provider. If the contract is breached , early Termination Fees ( 50,000 MMK) will be charged as additional.

3. Clients who pay deposit will not be refunded and that deposit will be offset in 13 th month with respective Bills and if you terminate before 1 year, deposit will not be refunded and early termination fees 50,000 MMK will be charged for breaching contract.

4. No Clients are allowed for suspension if you are not with us Vnet for 1 year.

5. If the monthly bill is not paid within 14 days according to due date, the deposit will not be refunded in 13th months means 13th Months Bill will not be offset with deposit.

6. Every clients who would like to relocate will have to pay 35000 MMK as relocation fees.

7. Clients who are with us more than 1 year can suspend by paying suspension fees 7000 MMK up to 2 months by returning ONU to Vnet. Otherwise device fees 75000 MMK will have to be compensated.

8. If you would like to suspend or terminate according to contract, one month notice will have to be given to Vnet.

9.If you would like to change service plan, one month notice is needed for next bill.

10. Vnet. Internet has 24/7 call center and on messenger to submit complaint and service on site will be sovled 24 to 48 hours if there is not weather or force majeure.

11. Vnet. is providing reminder call and SMS to our clients for the bill payment.

12. If the bill is not paid according to the rules, system will suspend the service until you pay the bill properly within office hours from Monday to Saturday.

13. Vnet. will refund for respective day if we failed the service which is occured by Vnet. Side.

14. Vnet Customer Service Phones are 09899832040,09899832044,09765402436, 09765402850.

Vnet' Terms and Conditions